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Front-end Web Development

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Client-side web services for individuals, small businesses & nonprofits.

Front-end Web Development

Looking for someone to handle front-end development on your latest project? I can work to your specs and provide content and design-savvy recommendations and suggestions.

CSS/HTML Rebuilds

Have an old site that needs updating to the latest standards? I can work with existing code or build a new site from the ground up using current standards and best practices.

Migration & Templates

Need to migrate your site to platforms like Wordpress or Squarespace? Want to transfer your content or site to a new template? Give me a call and let's discuss your needs.


Have a site with a low accessibility rating? I can help add content and code to meet current accessibility standards and ensure everyone can access your content.

UI/UX Design

Have a project where UI/UX design is a crucial factor? I can run usability tests before and after your build to inform design choices and ensure the best user experience on your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Need to ramp up SEO on your site and ensure you're getting the best results possible from search engines? I can improve your current SEO page rankings and provide suggestions for keeping everything on track.


Get acquainted with some of my work.

The School of Teaching ESL

TESOL Training School


Educational Consultancy Startup

Eugene Beings

Community Art Project

Liliya Askarova

User Research Specialist

Bob Goldsmith

Criminal Defense Lawyer




I work closely with each of my clients to ensure you get the design and functionality you desire.

  • Phase 1

    Initial Consultation

    In the initial consultation, your needs and desires are thoroughly analyzed to ensure a good fit between your requirements and my skillset. You will get an honest evaluation of what can be done now and which areas may need reconsideration or outside help.

  • Phase 2

    Work Agreement

    I will produce a customized work agreement based on findings from the initial consultation. In this phase, we agree on deliverable and a compensation structure that allows you to set milestones for particular needs or goals.

  • Phase 3

    Mockups & Demos

    In this early phase of development, I communicate closely with clients to ensure we're getting off on the right foot and that initial wireframes and mockups are to your liking.

  • Phase 4

    Iterations & Fine-tuning

    This is the fun part! As you watch your project develop, you'll surely have some new ideas or decide that something you envisioned just isn't working out. I keep a constant feedback loop in effect with the client to ensure they are satisfied with where the project is going.

  • Phase 5

    Speed & Usability Tests

    In the final stages of site production, I will run speed and usability tests and work to improve these areas before validating and minifying all new code.

  • Final

About Me

Allow me to introduce myself.

A Passion for Clean, Nimble Design

I love building websites to help individuals, small businesses and community-based organizations get their ideas off the ground. I specialize in building personal portfolio and resume sites, small business websites, educational websites, and sites for nonprofits and community-based organizations. I am familiar with several platforms and frameworks for building websites and can also custom code HTML/CSS sites from scratch. With strong knowledge of best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and an understanding of crucial user experience (UX) issues, I have a well-rounded skillset to apply to your next web project.

George Rowe

Front-end Web Developer

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